Scubacraft is a new generation of watercraft that combines high performance on the water surface with the ability to submerge underwater and features patented technology that allows it to transform from surface craft into streamlined submersible.

The registered design is the result of world class development and Scubacraft is designed like no other watercraft; the streamlined shape and hydrodynamic features are essential to operate both above and below the water surface.

The modular configuration allows for the electric system to be removed and replaced as necessary, adding extra batteries for extended operations or more thrusters for more power. A wide range of accessories including lights and cameras can be added to extend its underwater capability and enhance the user's experience.

Scubacraft uses a high powered jet propulsion system that will easily tow a water-skier and inflatable water toys. The trimaran hull configuration gives inherent stability as a diving platform and with its air entrapment design, results in high speeds on a cushion of air.

With a multitude of applications our lightweight technology is designed to be efficient, robust and very reliable. With no exposed propeller and the ability to operate in very shallow water, the technology has advantages over conventional surface craft even before it submerges underwater.

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