Commercial Leisure


Operating directly from the shore, Scubacraft offers an exciting opportunity to gain competitive advantage and generate revenue by exploiting the undersea world in a way that promotes sustainable conservation and protection of marine environments.

Luxury hotels and scuba diving resorts operate in highly competitive markets and having competitive advantage is essential. People are constantly striving for new and exciting activities to experience whilst on holiday; parasailing, water-skiing, sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving are all activities that many guests readily budget for.

As the industry continues to grow, so will the expectations of customers. Scubacraft presents guests with the opportunity to experience the undersea world more easily than ever before. Coupled with its ability to generate substantial profit, Scubacraft SC3 can recoup itself in just 116 days operating at full capacity. Operating underwater adventure tours will subsequently promote conservation of the local marine environment and greatly improve their market position.

Scubacraft SC6 is designed to carry 6 people and will transport 4 passengers on each underwater adventure tour; piloted by a qualified operator and supported by a diver master to comply with PADI diving regulations. Scubacraft S6 has even more revenue generating capability than Scubacraft S3; recouping itself in less than 75 days operating at full capacity.

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